Brett Alan Pharr arrested after stealing truck with child in back seat

Police were called by a woman after her pickup was stolen from the parking lot outside of a Dollar General. She left the vehicle running when she went into the store since her 6-year-old child was asleep in the back seat. Deputies arrived and saw Pharr exiting the store and walking in the direction from the truck through the store’s security video.

The sheriff’s office got a call around half an hour later that the child had been dropped off unharmed at a Texas Roadhouse. Three hours after that, the sheriff’s office received another call, this time from Pharr’s mother. She said there was an ongoing altercation between her husband and Pharr and confirmed a pickup of the same make and model as the stolen vehicle was on the property.

Deputies arrived to the residence and confirmed the vehicle was the stolen one. It was parked outside a guesthouse where Pharr was arrested. He is being charged with theft of property over $5000 and there is a possibility a kidnapping charge will also be added.

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