Chaslyn Slayton arrested for child abuse and neglect

Slayton’s landlord was going to serve Slayton an eviction notice when she noticed a child locked in an RV with no sign of the parents. Police arrived and found the child was alone and told officers that his mother left him in the bathroom and told him not to go anywhere. Officers waited for four hours but a guardian did not arrive.

They found contact information for Slayton and her boyfriend but neither picked up their phones when called. Calling the child’s great grandmother who was listed as an emergency contact. She informed officers that Slayton had not been in contact with her after Slayton stole some items for her. She also told investigators that Slayton has other children being taken care of by family in Texas.

Police officers contacted DHS who reported an active case regarding Slayton’s children. A DHS worker took custody of the child and brought him to his siblings. Eventually, Slayton was arrested and taken into custody.

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